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BFS Solutions will take your company to new heights of success with our proven track record of driving more sales for your business. While everyone is talking about Search, we understand that the real difference maker to your business is being Found by prospects looking for what you sell.


Your Team

The BFS Solutions team isn't just another "group of local search experts”. Instead, think of us as really smart partners making sure your business is FOUND in the local space. We don’t do this by just driving more calls , clicks or redemptions, we do it by DELIVERING MORE CUSTOMERS. That’s it plain and simple.

We treat each client as an individual entity with unique challenges and opportunities that cannot be answered with cookie-cutter strategies and tools. We understand that what works for a waste removal company in Chattanooga will not necessarily work for a car dealership in San Francisco. We also know that the opposite can be true, and it helps us recognize potential solutions as well as pitfalls we may encounter. Most importantly, we understand that what works today may not be as impactful tomorrow. It is our responsibility to anticipate and monitor consumer media usage shifts, and make sure that as the next wave of prospects look for you that you can be found easily and accurately.

Meet Your Team

Dale Granda
CEO - Houston

Jeff Vidakovich
President - New York

Alex Granda
Vice President - Austin

Commitment To Our Clients

Our commitment to each and every client is to deliver Bigger Returns, Faster Growth and Smarter Spending. And with our proprietary Smartmetrics (sm) measurement and analytic tools, we will provide you with the proof that these programs are delivering more sales to your business.

Results Guarantee

We've told you who we are , what we do and how we do it.  Still not convinced that we are the right partner for your business?  Then think about this, we GUARANTEE that we we will improve your results by a minimum of 10%, and in most cases more than that.  That's right, 10% more than what you are getting now.  Now, most companies will fill this space with disclaimers about this promise that'll give you a headache trying to read.  Not BFS Solutions.  As a matter fact, we have only one thing to add to this - we will increase results by 10% without adding to your current budget.  You read that right, 10% improvement on your current results without spending a penny more.  Now do we have your attention?