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How do you gain a bigger presence without the budget you have now? That's the question everyone is asking themselves. And that's where BFS Solutions can make your life just a bit easier. Using our extensive and award-winning experience in the local search business, BFS Solutions works with its clients to piece together the right mix of lead generating platforms. We realize it is not just about being online or having a Facebook page - it's making certain that when a customer is looking for a product or service they come right to you and not your competitors.


This isn't a matter of if you should be doing this, but how you should be doing it. Leads are great and search delivers them. But search can also generate lots of leads that don't translate to sales. We make sure that you are getting the right leads to translate to a bigger return on your investment.

  • Local Pay Per Click Advertising Management
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • On and Off Site Analysis
  • Website Development
  • Microsites and Landing Pages
  • Web Forms

Think of this as a migration story and we are the brand migration experts. We will keep your print yellow pages effort vibrant and productive, while channeling the right amount of dollars into the digital space to capture the growing customer base migrating to that means of connecting.

  • Internet Yellow Page Placement
  • Print Yellow Page Placement

Turnkey solutions allow our clients to quickly and easily add custom videos to their online content. We create, distribute, and manage videos for our client's online and mobile applications.

  • Production and Professional Shoots
  • Hosting and Distribution
  • Analytic reports and search optimization 

Placing unique call measurement numbers on each of your marketing mediums (i.e. website, print, direct mail, radio) you can discover which ads deliver the most qualified leads.

  • Analytics: Take the guesswork out of advertising.
    • Track phone calls that result from online and offline campaigns
    • Illustrates which ads are working and giving you the most bang for your buck
  • Targeting: Ensure callers reach the right person at the right time
    • Our communication software uses intelligent routing rules, ensuring you will no longer miss important leads or communications
  • Knowledge: Learn how well you speak with your customers
    • Review recorded conversations
    • Measure and record every phone call coming in to or going out of your business

How do you stand out in a world of spam and junk mail as having something really interesting to say? The trick is to know when and for what? Your campaign will thrive when it's tied into an integrated marketing plan using all the many contact tools we offer to deliver and enhance your offer.

  • Full cycle management for email and direct marketing
  • List Building

The next big thing is here. By 2013, 50% of all Internet usage will occur via smartphones and we will help you harness the power of these devices so that your business is just a fingertip away from your next new customer.

  • From Apps to Geo-targeted SMS and everything in between.

More relevant today than ever as people price shop and look for deals. But coupons are no longer just something that comes in the mail or inserts in the Sunday newspaper. Today people go to your website to look for coupons and they search sites like Groupon and Living Social to find deals. We can help drive more traffic and increase your redemption rates through targeted distribution of your offers.

Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube - the list goes on forever. You've heard about it and there is a good chance that you use one of these every day to stay in touch with family, friends and that kid that sat next to you in high school. But this is also developing into a powerful marketing tool. Social media lets you listen to what your customers are saying about you. Think of it as “word-of-mouth” advertising and we will make sure the word gets out about your business.

  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page design and content
  • Blogging (including blog design and development, if needed)
  • Creation of editorial calendar and making posts on behalf of clients
  • Monitoring of pages including community engagement and interaction