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We're sure the experts and consultants are preaching the church of click through rates, impressions, and yeah, more click through rates. But what about telephone calls and redemption rates, aren't these important to understanding the success of your lead generation investment? Your business thrives on customers and that's our focus. Yes, quantity is important but even more so is QUALITY, and that's what we deliver - qualified leads.


Your advertising budget is as an investment and not just another line item expense. As with any investment, you want the best return for your dollar. We get this for you by putting you in front of the right prospects when they are actively searching for your products and services.

We analyze all the lead generation platforms in your markets to identify the combination that best optimizes your advertising investment. We utilize secondary and syndicated research (Comscore, Scarborough, Burke, etc) to determine the sources that prospects use when shopping for your product and service in your market.

The result of our approach to your lead generation programs is that we will increase the opportunity for your business to be selected by prospects actively shopping for the products and services you offer.

Quantifiable Results

With BFS Solutions, you'll know what each response means to your business: is it a first time customer or one of your best clients looking to expand their business? To us, that's a no brainer.

Two words: smart metrics (SM).

This isn't your father's top line summary on your cost per click. This is a deep dive into the “click sea” to find your best customers. Your most valuable customers. Wouldn't you like to know who's trending up and will spend more with you? And who you can simply walk away from? BFS Solutions and Smart Metrics can give you an in-depth look at what is really being generated from your advertising campaign. We'll deliver solid answers and a comprehensive rationale behind our recommendations.

Let's talk. You'll see how a smarter media I.Q. can give you a stronger ROI.